Family Owned

The journey of Misty Meadow Farm started in 1918! We’re proud to continue the evolving story of (owner) David Herbst’s grandparents! Scroll down to learn more


Our Story

The farm originated in 1918 with David’s grandparents, Raymond & Mary (Leather) Herbst. As a newlywed couple they moved into the original farm, at the cross roads of 64 & 418, on a snowy Saturday. They milked cows, raised chickens& pigs. They had 5 children, Elvin, Dora, John, Robert & Louise all were born at home.

John purchased the farm from his parents in 1950, about the same time they decided to put in the intersection at 64 & 418 when completed the farm had land on all 4 corners. The farm on Misty Meadow road was owned by two men who were of retirement age and that farm was purchased. Over the years adjoining farms have come available and have been purchased now totaling 387 acres.

About us


We’re always cookin’ something up! Stop in for lunch or dinner; it’ll be hot and ready for you! Click on the photo to view our full menu!



Our Store has lots of farm toys, books and toy animals. We have had made quilts, burp cloths stuffed animals and receiving blankets in different themes for that special child or baby. Local made handmade brooms, “Cubbie’s” stuffed animals that can be embroidered with birth info or just a name, and scarves for the ladies. Click on the picture for more information!

Our Animals

We’re not sure who loves our animals more… us or you! We love sharing all of our fur-friends with you! Cows, Mini Horses, Sheep, Bunnies, and MORE!